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April 01, 2007




i so hear you!! i could rarely have people over at my house growing up! It's also something i looked forward to the most when i got my own place. Trouble is, none of my hommies from the Frwy can just stop by!! (BUT you are ALL welcome to make the 1.5 hr drive over!!!!!)

I can't wait till you get a place you love. i KNOW it'll be warm and welcoming! I will most definatly stop by. I'm excited!

jen k

I almost invited myself to stay at your place this week! I was going to have to go to London for a couple of days and deal with some stuff at our London office - I was so eager to go cause I knew that I could hook up with you when I was there. I didn't end up having to go, but might need to sometime in the future. I will definitely give you a shout.


Thank you for the kind words! You are going to have a home of love, comfort and peacefulness when the right one comes along... I hope my bedroom (in your new house)is nice to:)


i like living in dark ice boxes.... contrary to popular beliefs...


seriously? i would have been SO HAPPY!

DEFINATLY come see me/stay with me if you have to come to london! (or if you just want to come to london!)

sweeeeet! I dream of the day!

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