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April 07, 2007



Sorry for the disappointment! Your perfect house will come along....I just know it!


The house you end up buying will be the absolute best house. Better than any of the other one's you've looked at! Then when you get it, we'll have a fantastic house warming party!!


this house then, was clearly not for you...
i think that everything happens for a reason, and when the right house comes along, you'll get it... you'll end up w/ that you deserve and need...
keep the faith sister!
(the easter bunny just stopped by, so i'm high on sugar and chocolate, i'll resume the hateful angry rants soon...)


HAHA! the worst kind! So true! Man, you are funny! Def wasn't the one for you then. I am so excited cause i know you'll find a house and you two will have a beautiful relationship built on true love! Really, no doubt in my mind. It's gonna be great!

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