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November 11, 2006


jen k

I always remember a man who went to my church when I was younger. He served in the Korean war and was a prisoner of war for 3 years. As a young girl (around Sam's age now) I remember having a conversation with John about his experiences. He told me of the inhumanity that comes with war, and he told me of the beauty that he clung to while keeping his spirit alive under horrific circumstances. I will never forget him. Who do you remember?


I remember many men of my family who served in numerous ways (this may become a blog!)

I remember them all.

Thanks for your post!


My great great uncle who died a couple years ago. He was in WWII and once it was over was part of a section of men who locked up Nazi soldiers in zoo cages after to keep them from being killed by mobs. He almost never spoke aout any of it.


Where have you gone?


I have been buried under a pile of Christmas kettle bubbles...but saved by the yummy revitalizational powers of Tim Horton's new Christmas spice smoothie. mmmmmmmm......thanks Margie.

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