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October 14, 2006



so sorry to hear about your day!!!!

My head was not happy either! I hope that the new robe and hopefully a sleep in has made you smile again and you were able to take controll of your numb aching body:)

Love you and hope to see you tonight.


P.S. hopefully the confusion when speeking didn't sound like, "you're on your own damn it... and stop being such babies!!!" That might be a little aquard:)


Jenny Jo Jo!! Sooo sorry about your day!!!

I have a GREAT naturopath in Dundas...

I'll e-mail you the name and's COMPLETELY worth it!


Hope you are feeling better today Jen!

jen k

Thanks guys! I'm starting to feel better, just really tired. Drugs are good.

Margie- * jen's laughing hysterically*

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